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to high income tax. our next guest is here to break it all down for us state by state. travis brown is the author of "how money walks" and surely it has been doing some big walking and also have robert frank who has been covering this story begins the beginning, but give us your story, your side of the story. travis? >> well, it's quite simple. millions of americans have been fleeing from high tax states or glocking to low cost states and our data covers 15 years by the united states census buro and internal revenue system. >> do bomb their the tax policy and what you found is an all of lot of people, correlation is interest there. people move and taxes go up. >> nine states today don't tax a personal income, states like texas on the map, that have had gains and the largest one to talk about is with florida, $86 billion that's moved over the last 15 years there, not just wealth but people as well, and on the flip side states that have had and recently increased their penal income tax rates like california have already been seeing a massive exodus of money and people. >> well, you kn
apparently taken accidentally. >> i didn't commit a murder. i didn't hurt travis. i would never hurt travis. >> geraldo: jodi claims innocence. even pointing the ficker at a former roommate. >> you might want to talk to a guy named thomas brown. and i don't think that honestly i haven't seen or heard from him since he was kicked out. >> geraldo: police find a bloody palm print that matches her and travis' dna. enough evidence to indict jodi on charges of first-degree murder. >> the evidence is very compelling but none of it proves that i committed a murder. none of it proves that i mated a crime. >> this week the trial began and her claim of innocence has taken a turn. >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. there is no question about it. the million dollars question is what would have forced her to do it. >> geraldo: the defense attorney says jodi was abused and controlled by travis whom she claims was a sexual deviate. >> on the outside looking in it appeared like they were involved in it a very loving and healthy relationship because in reality jod it i ws travis' dirty little secret. he
. we're tied at 62. time winding down. tech up by two. wake with the ball. travis mckie, he's going to nail the three point. the deacons lead it by one point. less than 20 seconds to go. robert brown, he's going to drive the lane and get it to go. he would miss the free throw. virginia tech has one last chance. down by one. they can't get layups to go. and that's how it would end. virginia tech, they hold on for the victory 66-65. elsewhere, uva fans getting pumped up. virginia hosting florida state. early on, cavs up by four. harris drains it. make it seven. later in the first, cavs on top, 15. mitchell, he's going to take this one all by himself for the easy slam. 13 points the game for mitchell. uva up 18 at the half. later in the second half on the same, harris puts up the shot, misses it, grabs the rebound. that's how it would end. virginia goes on for the victory 56-36. >> jason, thanks. that's the n >>> on this saturday night, hostage crisis, the bloody end to a three-day standoff in the african desert. tonight, what became of american, british and other hostages held by a mu
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)